After 155 years of bringing the latest news and information to Morro Bay and the entire Estero Coastline, we have finally transitioned our generations of knowledge and best-in-class journalism to the digital frontier.

As you may be aware, the digital space is rampant with piracy, and sadly our namesake was hijacked for several years by a rapscallion group of hooligans. However, we have finally secured our digital brand and are ready to bring you the decades of top-notch reporting you are used to seeing.

Before we break from this exciting announcement, it is important to note, with great despair, all of our previous reporting… which we desperately tried to replicate in digital form for you here… was lost during our attempted digital transition. If you are fortunate enough to have old hard-copies of our publications, then you are in great shape and should cherish each edition dearly. For everyone else, this, unfortunately, means we will not be able to share our past editions with you here.

We’ll consider this a Fresh Start for fans, new and old, and forage forward with a hopeful outlook and excitement for many, many great years to come!

Sincerely… your FogCutter News Editorial Board.